Man and Environment

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The Society publishes its bi-annual Journal (June and December) Man and Environment (ISSN: 0258-0446). This journal publishes recent and original research in the field of South Asian archaeology, including related topics in environmental, anthropological and historical disciplines. The journal has five types of contributions: research articles, short notes, review articles, obituaries, and seminar and conference news. Books are welcome for reviews. The editors will send the book to a suitable scholar and get  it reviewed.From 2013 conference/seminar news  will only appear on the website.

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The journal is distributed from the office of the Society at Pune.

Editorial Board
Chief Editor
P. P. Joglekar
Assistant Editors
Pankaj Goyal
Andre Baptista

Volume XLIII, No. 1 (Jan-June 2018)

1.   Genesis of Indian Civilization

      B.R. Mani

 2.   Typo-technological Analysis of the Lithic Assemblage from Janan – a Pre-Urban  Harappan Site  in Kachchh, Gujarat

      Charusmita Gadekar, S.V. Rajesh, G.S. Abhayan, Bhanu Prakash Sharma, P. Ajithprasad, Brad Chase, Y.S. Rawat, Ambika Patel,

      Akinori  Uesugi, K. Muhammed Fasalu, Ananthu V. Dev, R. Haseen Raja, S. Kumbodharan, B. Vinuraj, K.S. Arun Kumar, M.S. Mahesh,

      Shad Matthias Gobinsingh and Mohammed B.S. Muhaseen

 3.   Archaeological Investigations at Two Prehistoric Sites in West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya

     Smita Devi Bora and Dwipen Bezbaruah

 4.   Hunters in Transition: Advanced Hunter-Gatherers of the Mid/Late Holocene, Sri Lanka

      Raj Somadeva, Anusha Wanninayaka and Dinesh Devage

 5.   Osteological Analysis of Post-Crematory Human Skeletal Remains from the Megalithic Site    of   Malli, Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra

      Rushal Unkule, Veena Mushrif-Tripathy and Virag Sontakke

 6.   Preliminary Report on Excavation at Rithi Ranjana, Saoner Tehsil, Nagpur District,    Maharashtra

      N. Nihildas, P.P. Pradhan, Rajesh Mehar, Prasanth Sonone, Atul Kushwaha, Bhenu Thakur, Asif Batt, Arshad, Saurabh Singh,

      Anil Pokharia, Gurudas Shete and P.P. Joglekar

 7.   A Preliminary Report of Chalcolithic Ceramic Analysis from Ganeshwar, District Sikar,  Rajasthan

      Esha Prasad and R.N. Singh

 8.   Preliminary Report on Excavations at Sarethi, District Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh

       Pushp Lata Singh, Prabhakar Upadhyay, Manoj Kumar, Anoop Kumar, Dipak Kumar   Shukla,  Chandra Bhushan Gupt,

       Upendra Singh and Mohd. Afroj

 9.   The Archaeology of Roof Tiles: A Preliminary Chronology

       Uthara Suvrathan

 10. Craniometric Data on Pratu Pha Human Skeletal Series, Thailand

       Worrawit Boonthai

 11.  A Note on the Discovery of an Ostrich (Struthio camelus) Painting in Raisen, Madhya Pradesh

       Shaik Saleem