The Society publishes monographs and books for common people as a part of commitment to disseminate information about prehistory, past environment and archaeology in general.

The proposals for new books or monographs may be sent to the General Secretary with suggestions about funds for printing the books. The manuscripts (one hard copy with a soft copy) shall be evaluated by a panel of referees. The manuscript must accompany a signed declaration (included in guidelines for authors) sent by post. The decision to print the book or monograph will depend on the recommendation of the panel.

The copyright and all rights regarding electronic forms of the same are with the Society.


Monograph No. 10 (978-81-908330-9-7) Adaptations Across Antiquity:

Tracing Quaternary Environments and Prehistoric Cultural Responses in Peninsular India

Sushama G. Deo, Andre Baptista and Jayendra Joglekar (Eds.) 

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Monograph No. 9 (978-81-908330-7-3) Archaeological Chemistry. Theory and Methods

Sachin Vidydhar Joshi and Anupama Kshirsagar

Price    Rs. 350/-

Monograph No. 8        (978-81-938330-8-0)  Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Nagardhan (2015-2016)

Virag Sontakke, Shrikant Ganvir and Shantanu Vaidya

Price  Rs. 1200/-

Monograph No. 7     (978-81-908330-6-6) Rethinking the Past. A Tribute to Professor V.N. Misra

Sushama G. Deo, Andre Baptista and Jayendra Joglekar (Eds.)


Monograph No. 6     (978-81-938330-5-9) Recent Advances in Acheulian Culture Studies in India

K. Paddayya and Sushama G. Deo

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Monograph No. 5        (978-81-908330-0-4) Dr. Swaraja Prakash Gupta. An Academic and Human Profile

V.N. Misra and A.K. Kanungo

Price    Paperback: Rs. 500/-

Monograph No. 4        (978-81-908330-4-2) Ethnoarchaeology of Prehistoric Settlement Pattern of South-Central Ganga Valley

Shahida Ansari

Price    Paperback: Rs.  250/-

Monograph No. 3        (978-81-908330-3-5) Introduction of African Crops into South Asia

V.N. Misra and M.D. Kajale

Price    Paperback: Rs. 250/-     Hardbound: Rs. 300/-

Monograph No. 2        (978-81-908330-2-8) The Biological Anthropology of Human Skeletal Remains from Bhimbetka, Central India

K.A.R. Kennedy, J.R. Lukacs and V.N. Misra

Price    Paperback: Rs. 190/-     Hardbound: Rs. 250/-

Monograph No. 1        (978-81-908330-1-1) Dating the Human Past

D.P. Agrawal and M.G. Yadava

Price    Paperback: Rs. 125/-     Hardbound: Rs. 250/-